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Electronic Press Kit
For self use / independent PR

Our kits are specially designed for independent use, so you can send them to people from the media without worring about your rights or missing files. You get statistics and smart links. Your music is protected - only media personal can download the MP3 file.

As for today, normal distribution services in Israel send your releases to radio stations, but it's not enough. Quality PR consists of many factors and one of the most important is sending a personal message to destinations that fits your content. Writing an accurate and concise application brings much better results than relying on a generic mailing list alone.

Musican helps you reach the right people:

Your music will automatically be included in our Musican Release Catalog, which is the only one that analyzes the information about your songs and allows appropriate broadcasters to find them easily!

Tip: Do you have An active website in musican? Your Press Kits will lead the media personal to your website so that they will be exposed to more music that you have distributed.

We will register your songs in ACUM, and add ACUM serial numbers in your Electronic Press Kits. In addition, your songs will be included in ACUM On-Air monitoring system, so it will be monitored by ACUM when played on the radio.

We are happy to advise! Leave your details at the bottom of the page :)

Electronic Press Kit (Single): 150 ILS

Each tenth page - FREE!



Electronic Press Kit (Album): 400 ILS

Up to 20 songs


Musican sale !









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