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Distribution made easy!

Free upload!

Free upload
No subscription fees
We take 10% of the revenue that we collect for you *

* Subject to the website's terms of use, when calculating all the expenses involved in the distribution, about 70% of the revenue will be transferred to you

Your distribution todo list

Distributing with Musican is easy! You fill out a form, sign the paperwork, and the songs are on their way to the digital stores and streaming services... in addition,Your master rights will be automatically registered with 'Pil LTD' For the purpose of collecting master royalties from public uses (it is a condition for distribution, but it pays off!).

To make the process even simpler, it is recommended to prepare the following in advance:


Click on the examples to see them larger

1. Profile picture for the artist (non-mandatory)

* JPEG file

* 3000x3000 pixels

* No caption in the body of the image

The image will not be published automatically

2. Cover image for a single or an album

* JPEG file

* 3000x3000 pixels

* You may write the name of the single or album

* You may write the name of the artist

* You may write the song's length (examle: 3:54)

* The text must be identical to the text submitted in the upload form

* Do not write additional text


Audio files of the song or songs in the album

1. Must be in WAV PCM format

2. Sampling rate must be 44.1Khz

3. Bit depth must be 16 bit or 24 bit

4. Stereo

נתנאל יוסף - פרופיל
נתנאל יוסף - ננצח הכל
נתנאל יוסף - עטיפת סינגל

you can start now and save it for later

start here


In order to distribute with us you must be the owner of the master rights

If there is any doubt - talk to us

I want to submit

an album
a single

הריליס חסום לעריכה

Step 1: Basic info

Additional owners

It is advisable to choose at least two weeks in advance to allow pitching to Spotify

Profile image
  • No caption in the body of the image

  • The image must be 3000x3000 pixels

Cover image

** ​How to create a valid cover easily? click here

  • You may write the album name

  • You may write the artist name

  • The format of the image must be JPEG

  • size 3000x3000 px

  • Do not write any additional text in the body of the image

  • The text must be identical to the text submitted in this form

Please choose 1-2 genres that characterize the album

To avoid problems with your post uploads on social media, please enter the URLs to pages in which you'd like to upload the songs to:

Please choose policy for YouTube Music release date

Step 2: Songs info

 * שם השיר ושם המבצע חייבים להיות כתובים בדיוק איך שהם מופיעים בגרפיקות

 * בקרדיטים, בהזנה של יותר משם אחד, נא להפריד את השמות באמצעות הסימן פסיק (,)

 * אין צורך להזין שמות של נגנים


At least one of your songs is a cover, please select a distribution policy:


Step 3: Submit for inspection

Did you fill in everything? magnificent!

We just need to make sure everything is in order before we pass it on. The inspection usually takes a maximum of two business days.

To avoid delays, it is recommended to carefully check the information before submitting.

Click here to display all information back

* When submit is done, you will be presented with contracts to sign. The signatures are necessary and they are the ones that allow 'PIL LTD' to collect master royalties for the usage of your songs. We do not recommend signing contracts without reading carefully, need help? Talk to us :)

Add a single
Save without submit
Submit & upload audio


By clicking the submit button, I confirm that I am the legal and the exclusive owner of the master rights of the songs listed

Submission received!

What's left to do? Upload the WAVs of your album and sign the contracts.

In the meantime, we are processing your submission and will update you with any developments :)

A contract to be signed will be sent to your email address in the next few minutes

upload WAV files

Need help?

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