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Musican - Music distribution tools

  • What is a musician?
    Ether Musican is a unique platform that provides tools for distributing music. From here your music can be distributed to radio, digital stores and your direct audience. In addition, each musician has the option of opening his own website - An innovative service designed to improve the internet presence of musicians and expose them to broadcasters and media people alongside their regular audience. On the website you can: We update Musican all the time so that it fulfills all the needs of musicians in Israel. Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Talk to us :)
  • Why do you need an internet presence?
    As an artist, it is important for you to control the way people experience you and your art. Controlling your internet presence allows you to create a successful and personalized impression, to evoke identification and empathy from visitors, and to allow them to be exposed to your art in the best possible way. The ambition is that a search for your name on Google will turn up many quality results that present you in the most impressive way.
  • What services does a musician site offer?
    As of today, our catalog allows the purchase of a subscription to musician and the purchase of Independent PR distribution pages for sending your releases to the radio: Let's start from a PR page for a single single A minisite that contains all the information about your single. Very similar to the page offered by Linkton, Turntable and Mason, only without their distribution services - in simple words: we will not send your song to the radio stations. Particularly suitable for those who wish to publicize themselves independently and save money. Note: Media sending services will be possible in the future. The second type: PR page for the album Just like a PR page for a single single, only that it gathers the information about all the songs on the album at once. For every purchase of an album page, you will also receive up to 14 song pages that you can combine in your albums or in your music. Need more songs? < a href="javascript:void(0)" target="_blank">can be purchased here. The third type: Musician A home for your music - One page site that contains information about you, ways to contact you, links to social networks, a presentation of your music, upcoming performances and even An option for visitors to support your music financially. The biggest advantage of Music, is that you finally have the option to invite all your followers to one place where they can find everything! In addition, through the Musican website you can upload free of charge* songs to the digital stores (Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, Deezer, Tik Tok, Instagram and more...) And finally, you can register the master rights of the recordings you own with the Phil company through the Musican website, in exchange for 10% of the master royalties that the Phil company transfers for you. * A percentage is charged from the profits, for the details of the rate you can see questions and answers under the streaming distribution category.
  • Everyone is on a smartphone today, how do your products look on mobile devices?"
    All our sites have been optimized for mobile devices to preserve the browsing experience in an optimal way.
  • Is it possible to sell my music on Musik?
    As of today, our contract with Akum does not allow the purchase of music files to download from the website*. You can display a discography in your music and allow listening by embedding YouTube videos (which earn you views). If you do not want to publish the song on YouTube, you can upload Same YouTube on unregistered status, so it won't come up in search results. Please note: when uploading the video to YouTube, you must enable "embedding" in the settings. Your music can be distributed digital distribution to the digital stores (such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, etc.) and earn royalties from listening on the various platforms. * Attaching MP3 files to the song pages is intended for media persons only for the purpose of playing them on the radio
  • Is it possible to sell tickets for shows in my music?
    As of today, there is no option to purchase tickets through the clearing in your music. You can add a link to purchase tickets on an external payment page. You can use an external service such as Tick Chak *.
  • Visitors to my music supported me and donated money through my music. When will I receive it?
    We transfer your funds every 15th of the following month, subject to raising an invoice. For example: we will collect all the payments you received in March and transfer them to your bank account on April 15. It should be noted that a clearing fee of 5% + NIS will be deducted from the payment, and the VAT will also be deducted in advance for exempt traders.
  • How much does a musician cost?
    First and foremost - No setup costs! To activate Musican an active subscription is required. You have two subscription routes at your disposal: * With a monthly payment (NIS 35 per month, charged automatically for a year) * With an annual fee (24 NIS per month, billed once a year automatically) Besides the fixed payment for the subscription, there are additional one-time payments for clearing fees for your income and for combining songs in the music. The costs are detailed below: Important to know: a single page remains yours and available forever. If the subscription to the musician ends and becomes unavailable, the single page remains yours and active as long as you wish. On the other hand, a song incorporated into your music without a single page will be available for listening as long as the site is active. When your subscription ends or is cancelled, your musician will become inactive but will "remember" your songs (even if they don't have a standalone single page) so you can renew your subscription and the songs will still be yours at no extra charge. You can purchase a subscription here.
  • Is it possible to connect my own domain to the musician?
    Unfortunately, there is no such possibility
  • What happens if I want to cancel the music subscription?
    Cancelling the subscription through the website will cause the automatic renewal to stop. The service will continue to be available until the end of the next billing period and then it will stop automatically. For example: for a musician with a monthly subscription who requested cancellation, the subscription will continue to be active until the next billing date arrives at the end of the current month In exceptional cases such as canceling an annual subscription during the first month, it is recommended that you contact us to coordinate an earlier cancellation and a proportional refund. Please note: * A monthly subscription is automatically renewed every month for one year only, after which you must purchase another subscription. * An annual subscription is renewed once a year until cancellation is requested by the customer. * The site administrators reserve the right to decide whether there will be a refund or not.
  • I have a problem or I'm missing a feature on the site
    Excellent! We will be happy to hear about it and help as soon as possible, you can leave a contact at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you as soon as possible! :)
  • How do you send a song to the radio?
    The common method today is through one of Linkton's distribution services, Turntable or Mason. The aforementioned companies package the releases (song / album) for you on a landing page called 'press kit', where the lyrics, credits, relevant links, graphics, and of course the song file (MP3) appear. They send this landing page in a broadcast message to all the relevant broadcasting stations. It should be noted that they do not promote the song in any way, and the significant push is done in the next step through public relations or by sending emails to broadcasters and editors personally (self-publicity). In Muziken you can purchase similar distribution pages with advanced features and connectivity that are not available anywhere else. You will have to send the pages yourself to the broadcast stations relevant to your music via email. It is advisable to attach the communication file and the MP3 file of your master to the email. We will be happy to help - talk to us to get email addresses of relevant stations for your distribution.
  • How much does a single page cost?
    Price per PR page for a single single (without radio sending services) costs a total of NIS 150 and it is yours forever! When purchasing a quantity - for every ten you get one free. There is no validity of use - you can activate it whenever you want. can be purchased here.
  • How much does an album page cost?
    Price per PR page for the album (without radio sending services) costs a total of NIS 400 and it's yours forever! There is no validity - you can activate it whenever you want. An album page comes with up to 20 songs that are not standalone single pages. You can purchase single sheets and link them to the album, or purchase slots for additional songs (10 NIS per song) if you have more than 20 songs in the album.
  • How can you prevent people from getting to unreleased releases?
    When editing your song details you must enter a release date. If the release date is future, the page will be automatically hidden from search engines and will not be displayed in Google results (an album page refers to its single with the latest release date attached to it). In addition, there is an option to activate the "hide from search engines" switch and continue blocking the page for scanning by Google. Any visitor who has the direct link will still be able to enter the page. Share it responsibly. Note: Google's bots crawl the site once every few weeks. A page that was scanned into the search results did not easily get out of there, and in any case it is very likely that it will not be displayed in Google results immediately on the day of its distribution. When using the switch hide the page from search engines it can take from a few days to a few weeks until there is an actual effect.
  • To which digital stores will my song be distributed?
    It is too short to write (about 80 stores), but we will list the names of the main ones: spotify, Apple Music, You Tube Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, Tik Tok, Instagram Music, Shazam, Sound Cloud, Tidal More...
  • How much does it cost to distribute the music to the digital stores?
    Uploading to the digital stores via the Musican website is free of charge for uploading and without payment of subscription fees (upload without financial risk) The only conditions for uploading - only the owner of the master rights can upload the music, and the master rights will be registered with the Phil company for the purpose of collecting master royalties for you. Phil collects 20% of the master royalties, and the musician 10% of the balance (28% in total).< /p> The master royalties are not related to the royalties received from the digital stores. The Musican website transfers to you the royalties you deserve from the stores minus the operating expenses of the Phil company + 10% that the Phil company collects, plus the 10% collected by Musican. In practice, the artist receives 72.9% (average rate, different between stores) of the streaming royalties after all distribution expenses and payment to the musician.
  • Is your distribution direct to stores or through "middlemen"?"
    Muziken works with and through the Phil company. Distribution through the Phil is done to YouTube directly and to the other stores through another aggregator. This distribution has a significant advantage that is reflected in the number of stores to which your song will be distributed, and in updating the song to new stores that will open later (as happened recently with Instagram Music).
  • Who do I contact to receive service regarding my distribution?
    In distribution through a musician, only the musician is contacted. We commit to fast and professional service as much as we can. You can leave a request on the website, send us an email, call us, or send us a message on WhatsApp - we are always happy to help!
  • I have a problem with distribution, how long does the treatment take?"
    As a general rule, we handle the inquiries we receive almost immediately, with the exception of Saturday. In the digital stores you can see the change usually 36-48 hours later.
  • How quickly can the song be distributed to stores through you?
    The minimum is about three days, but we recommend uploading all the music and completing the process at least two weeks before the intended release date.
  • Is the contract with you forever?
    Definitely not! The contract is automatically renewed at the end of each year, but can be terminated with 60 days' notice before the end of the calendar year. Your music will be downloaded from the digital stores, but it can be kept on air along with the statistics it has accumulated. You can contact us and we will be happy to explain how to save.
  • How often can I payout the funds?
    We transfer your funds on or before each calendar median. When funds are made available to you, you will receive a notification. Upon receiving the notification, it will be possible to upload an invoice and the funds will be transferred to your bank account a few days later.
  • What rights exist in music?
    The first three have an economic meaning that is reflected in royalties, the last one is equally important even though it does not qualify for royalties.
  • Copyright (writing and composition)
    Creators' royalties are paid by Ekoum. You can find complete information on their website.
  • the right of execution
    Payed to performers whose work was played on radio or television in Israel, through Eshkolot and Eilam
  • Master rights
    The master rights are the ownership of the recording, and they automatically belong to whoever financed it (paid the musicians, the producer, the studio and everything related to the creation of the recording). The royalties in Israel are paid by one of two companies, The Pil - Federation of Israeli and Mediterranean Music Ltd. , and The Israeli Federation for Records and Tapes Ltd. (IFPI) Each of the works must be registered under one of these companies to benefit from the royalties.
  • The moral right
    The moral right is non-transferable, belongs to the author and composer of the work, and guarantees him the right to maintain the integrity of the work and to receive credit when his work is used.
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